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How often do you need to clean your windows?

Most homeowners don’t want to spend much of their time doing some strenuous work like cleaning windows. The essence of spending hours carrying around some heavy equipment, climbing up and down a ladder and dirtying oneself is not that appealing. Understandably, it is difficult.

It is also noteworthy that using cleaning equipment like squeegee is not a walk in the park for inexperienced users. Using such tools needs a lot of skill and expertise.

This is why many homeowners prefer to use a professional cleaning service. Using a cleaning service guarantees the actual work goes to the professionals and the homeowner’s part is only paying for that service.

The burden of planning, executing and ensuring that everything is as good as expected falls into the docket of the cleaning service company relieving the homeowner of all the possible hassle.

The question, therefore, is, how often should a homeowner clean his/her windows using a cleaning agency?

The answer is not that simple. This is because the frequency of window cleaning depends a lot on many factors. The prevailing weather condition is the biggest determinant. Other determining factors include the how often the windows are used and the owner’s personal preferences.  

If the windows belong to a place of business or a private residence, the answer of how often you clean can be different.

If you are cleaning a place of business windows, you might consider doing it regularly. The recommended rate is at least once a month. You don’t want your business premise looking shaky and dirty. A business which looks clean and sharp is in a position to lure more customers.

For private residence, doing cleaning once a year (interior and exterior) could be sufficient. Doing exterior cleaning in quarter year basis is necessary.

The micro-climate of a place also plays an important role on how often you should clean. Take an example of a home situated near a sea. Salt deposits often stick into the windows causing corrosion on the window panes. In this case, doing cleaning on a monthly basis is a good choice.

Personal preference is also a key determinant. Imagine having a home overlooking a beautiful vista. You would want your windows to be clean in order to enjoy the beautiful view.

Booking a window cleaning service depends on a homeowner. Calling your cleaning service every time you want to do cleaning isn’t the wittiest choice. You may want to schedule an annual cleaning program with your cleaning service.