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Kid-proof Windows: How to get Markers and Crayons off your Window

Kids are a bundle of joy and play is what keeps home busy. They can spend most of their time playing in or outside the house. The problem comes in when they draw all over the wall and most especially the windows. Telling off the kids is something you want to avoid as it will not help the situation. Removal of this marks and crayons can be a hectic task to a novice, but with the right information, you can sit tight knowing you have the power to clean off the drawing if they happen to draw on the windows.

How to remove crayon and markers

Homeowners are afraid that the drawings and the windows and sometimes wall can be permanent that that is not so in fact it can be very easy to remove. When it comes to markers, there are two types permanent and washable.

Removal of washable markers and crayons

Use a cleaner in a spray bottle with a clean piece of cloth or towel to wipe off the area. In some cases, it will take a few wipe to get rid of the drawings and marks, but it will eventually be wiped off. Vinegar is quite helpful when making water based cleaning solutions at homes take advantage of it, especially when cleaning off crayons and permanent markers. You can try using other solutions such as nail polish remover or alcohol.

Other options

If you do not mind your kids drawing on the window you can also purchase some of the crayons and markers below to make it easy when it is time to clean up:

  • Window writers are markers that can be used to draw on the window but still come off easily, do not let the array of color fool you.
  • Window crayons are another option of colorful crayons that can be easily washed off from the window and any other surface that may be drawn on.
  • Washable window markers, as the name suggest are easily washed off when the little one decides to go on a drawing spree over your window. It comprises of beautiful colors to help them discover their creative side.

Do not despair when you find them having fun and drawing all over. Use the provided marker and crayon option as well as the cleaning solution. If it doesn’t come off, call in a professional window cleaner.