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The Significance of Clean Windows and a Case of Letting in Natural Light

In a study, some workers were placed in an office with natural light while another group was placed in one without. The results were intriguing. The workers placed in an office with natural light enjoyed a better sleep at night and showed to engage more on physical activities, unlike their counterparts.

Another study also showed that patients who had windows facing trees healed quickly than those whose windows faced walls or had no windows at all.

Benefits of natural light

The most basic importance of using natural light is that it saves you extra bucks that would have gone into your lighting bill. A natural light is also known to boost vigor, illuminate our mood, make our sleep more enjoyable and increase our physical activities.

It also increases our concentration and metabolism as it seems to match the wavelength of bodies and our brains.

Natural light is also a known cure for depression and other disorders.

A case for more natural light

Some people tend to prefer shades. If so, try not to use some heavy or opaque curtains that tend to block light but rather use sheer or translucent materials. Depending on what you need, if privacy is an issue, use shutters or sheer fabrics that still let light in.

Windows are not only responsible for letting in natural light. Using glass doors is a good option. Interior rooms can use clear glass, mirrored glass doors or frosted glass. An alternative for clear glass doors is tinted or frosted glass doors which still let in light. A homeowner can also install roof lights or skylights. Others may prefer to replace their internal walls with glass windows to maximize light.

Types of glass

Glass can serve a range of different unique purposes. In addition to controlling light in our homes, it also regulates heat.

Type of glass and its purpose:

Tinted glass – radiates and absorbs solar power, used to reduce heat.

Reflective glass – controls the amount of solar heat absorbed.

Toughened glass – used if you want to secure your house.

Laminated glass – it contains two or more layers of glass reducing the possibility of breakage.

LowE glass – it has a reflective coating that reduces heat energy through the glass.


The glass surface will need constant cleaning to reduce the chances of damage. Cleaning depends on the surrounding environment.